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American Civil War, four-year war (1861-65) fought between the United States and 11 Southern states that seceded to form the Confederate States of America. It is estimated that from 752,000 to 851,000 soldiers died during the American Civil War. This figure represents approximately 2 percent of the...Introduction to source analysis; 2. Introduction to historical research; 3. Types of primary sources; 4. Glossary; II. The South and States' Rights. 5. The Civil War documentary: discussion question 1; 6. The Civil War documentary: discussion question 2; 7. The Civil War documentary: discussion question 3; 8. The Civil War documentary ... Polarion Software. Welcome to the Polarion Forum! This is the community driven website dedicated to the Polarion applications and technologies. Skip to content The immediate precipitating event was the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany on September 1, 1939, and the subsequent declarations of war on Germany made by Britain and France, but many other prior events have been suggested as ultimate causes. Primary themes in historical analysis of the war's origins include the political takeover of Germany ...

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What are the causes of this and what actions can be taken to solve this problem? A second reason is that public transport has become increasingly unreliable in recent years, not least because many bus and train services have been reduced because of the difficulty in funding them.Standards 5-12: Explain the causes of the Civil War and evaluate the importance of slavery as a cause of the conflict (Analyzing competing historical sources) Objectives. When the student is finished with this lesson, he/she should be able to: Discuss the causes of the Civil War, from both a Northern and Southern perspective; Evaluate the ...

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The causes of the Civil War were complex and have been controversial since the country began. Some causes include; states’ rights, economics, and slavery. The most recognizable and popular cause is slavery. The freeing of the slaves was an important moral issue at the time and one of the greatest causes of the civil war.

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Primary-source documents related to the theme of men, women and gender -- includes speeches and sermons, pamphlets, newspaper articles and ads, journal writings, and narratives. Living Conditions ... First, the likelihood of civil war in countries that produce oil, gas, and diamonds rose sharply from the early 1970s to the late 1990s; so did the number of rebel groups that sold contraband to raise money. Second, exogenous measures of oil, gas, and diamond wealth are robustly correlated with the onset of civil war.